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Re-defining our continent's future through revolutionary and visionary leadership


We are a global collective of Africans and lovers of Africa that believe in and hope to elect credible youth leadership across Africa to reflect our demography and interests.

Our primary goal is to reflect credible youth inclusion in governance and change ineffective leadership across Africa.

Hence, we promote empowering, educating and electing young credible candidates across Africa.


PROJECT 18235AFRICA (P18235A) is a Collective of like minded people with the vision to achieve transformative politics and governance in Africa.


The mission of the P18235A Collective is to educate, empower and elect selfless and credible young African leaders.


  • Increase representation of young credible leaders in governance across Africa.
  • Replace ineffective and improvident leadership across Africa at all levels of governance.
  • Support candidates through trainings, strategy, network and available resources.
  • Encourage and amplify collaboration-focused politics in place of violent, selfish and unproductive politics.
  • Fight for freer and fairer elections that protect the interest and votes of P18235A candidates/members.


Africa is a great continent of over 1.2 billion people. In at least 40 countries, more than 50% of the population is under 20. This explains why the continent has been dubbed the youthful continent with some mixed feelings - Hope at the possibility of what could be achieved if the potential of these young Africans get activated, despair at the reality of the track we are currently on, facilitated by visionless leadership.

Since gaining Independence from colonialism, politics and leadership in Africa has been stigmatized as ineffective, very combative, violent and dangerous. Africa needs to move away from this style of politics to embrace a collaborative style of politics that prioritizes people and community before selfish interest.

There is thus a required sense of urgency - the urgency of now, for effective governance, leadership, initiatives and policies that will enable Africa thrive today and in the future.


The greatest resource of our continent and nation is not the minerals that flow underneath our grounds, but the brains that walk on it.

With all of our shortcomings and problems, Nigeria remains Africa’s largest economy and its most populated nation. Nigeria is also Africa’s largest and fastest growing technology and workforce ecosystem in Africa. This amazing growth experience has been largely a result of the sheer brilliance, creativity and resilience of the amazing everyday young Nigerian than the support of enabling government policies and business environments.

It is thus self-evident that young Africans are the most intelligent, most resilient and most innovative people on planet earth. It is important that our is led by people with integrity who understand where the world is headed and can equip Africa’s youths with the education, technology, infrastructure and resources they need to excel.


Our goal in supporting credible youth leadership in Africa is to correct the leadership deficiency that has plagued Africa for long because we know that when leadership is right in Africa, Africa will lead and heal the world.

Failed leadership in Africa has cost the continent, her peoples and the rest of the world a great deal. Poverty, lack of access to healthcare, outrageous unemployment and underemployment, poor infrastructure, unfunded education, pollution, and so much more continues to plague our continent, even with all of its abundant resources.

The consequences of these ills have increased pressure on the rest of the world, as most Africans looking for greener pastures migrate to other countries, or seek aid to address some of its problems. As the continent with the fastest rate of population growth and the world’s youngest populace, the future of Africa seems bleak and dystopian if current trends persist.

For Our Lives
For Our Futures
For our Children.

We must FIGHT
Africa must RISE!!!



P18235A pledges to help every candidate build capacity for effective leadership, service and governance.


P18235A members pledge to be results-driven because leadership and service have direct impact on people's lives.


All P18235A members pledge to be accountable to the Collective and respective community, in leadership and service


All P18235A candidates pledge to collaborate with other P18235A candidates to achieve a common goal, regardless of party affiliation


All members of the P18235A understand that transparency is crucial to great leadership, and hence commit to engage in transparent leadership


Every member of the P18235A understands that the collective good supersedes personal interest and/or promotion, and pledges to be selfless in service and leadership

Community, Country and Continent

Every  P18235A member and candidate pledges to engage and practice a community, country and continent first ideology. The ultimate goal is to have a glocal (global + local) impact.

Integrity in Governance

Every P18235A candidate and member commits to consciously and intentionally act with integrity by abiding to applicable rules and regulations, norms, culture values and ethical standards regulated by law and society's values



Campaign financing is one of the biggest hurdles most young candidates face. Your kind donation will help support P18235A youth candidates.


Donate N100 or more to help us support youth candidates. 




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